Saturday, August 26, 2006

sometime in mid July

When I fall you pick me up,
I can't do this on my own
and I'm beginning to understand that I am made
to fall and be picked back up

My pride does not belong to
the selfishness that so desires it
Let my pride be only in you
For you made me
Not to be prideful in the things I do
but in the amazing grace that you gave to me on the cross

It is not often that I consider you on the cross. Not that I don't talk about it, but that it is not something I feel like I let sink in. It is so easy to displace myself in the trials and pain that you endured. David was not afraid to call the pain out and he didn't even experience life after the Messiah.

May I call upon your pain when my pride swells
let me focus on your hands when I am distracted by unholy thoughts
Show me your side when my actions do not magnify your name
Uncover your feet when I am too tired to show your love

Thursday, August 24, 2006

So I believe

I fell through a hole that had no bottom
Without you I would have kept falling
You grabbed my arm and vowed to never let go
All you asked is that I believe
I was in no position to disagree
So I believed You pulled me to solid ground
Gave me shelter from my internal storm
Held me as I cried
So I believed
I believe in you because you pulled me through my pain
Because you make everything for good
You open my eyes to the beauty of tears
The glory of being on my face and my knees

So I believe
It doesn’t take the pain away
It doesn’t stop the rain
But it gives me a place to rest
And an umbrella to keep me dry