Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election night

I will post more at a more reasonable time, because 6am comes too fast and I do need to sleep at some point in the very near future. Tonight was a moment in history that no one can take back. America has elected an African American as their president. The words he spoke were beautiful and awe inspiring. I hope even those who did not choose to vote for him, could hear the passion and drive he has for this country. Not to mention, the beauty that surrounded him. Each person listening to him in person, had their opportunity to view history in the making. I felt it while sitting in my living room surrounded by 8 teenage boys, my coworkers, and the volunteer tutors. The adults, more so than the teens let the reality of what was happening soak into us slowly. Most of us, admittedly had tears in our eyes. The teens whooped it up by encouraging people through the windows - even buses honked their horns.

I'd attempt to sleep at this point, but I live so close to one of the biggest epicenters of the controversial California Prop 8 that helicopters haven't stopped covering the area since 9pm.

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