Thursday, April 24, 2008

The orange light of death

To break up the seriousness and lack of silliness on this here blog, I have come to tell you that my car is sick! *sigh*

An orange light of death turned on as I exited Peet's coffee this morning. Yes, orange, the light was orange! How twisted is that? When I realized that the light didn't turn off I went for my car manual to try and figure out what this little picture was all about. Turns out it's MIL indicator... something to do with engine emissions or something. It went on to tell me that I should contact an authorized VW mechanic and if it was blinking that I should avoid fast acceleration and high grade hills. Did I mention I live in San Francisco. Yeah I'll work on avoiding hills and fast acceleration! Ummm, right... I guess I won't be heading up Lombard St. or merging on to the freeway in the near future.

Luckily I'm taking my car in for it's 40,000 tune up, so I just schedule it for a week sooner than I had planned. Hopefully the tune up will get the blasted light to turn off.

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