Sunday, May 24, 2009

To the San Francisco State University Graduates of 2009

I am so proud of your incredible accomplishment. You are a college graduate. More specifically you are a graduate of San Francisco State University. Many may not be impressed by your school's prestige (or lack there of), but never let that shadow, what you know to be true. You may not be graduating from an Ivy League, heck or even a UC school, but you are graduating with experience, knowledge, and passion. Experience that has prepared you for your next steps in life.
You are not entering into the real world - you've been in it - you are simply taking a moment to look over what the past x amount of years in the real world has handed you, and what may come in the future. You are not ending your pursuit of knowledge, but you are acknowledging this day as a mile stone in your pursuit, of what I hope is truth.
You have become fearlessly passionate people. Pursuing more than just your own betterment, but the betterment of those around you, the communities you live in, and the communities you wish to be a part of. Your passion, earned and acquired, will cause you immense joy, but not without moments of heart wrenching pain. It is in those moments, you will find the most growth, you will dream new dreams, and you will reestablish your passion and drive.

As San Francisco State University Graduates, no matter what circumstances brought us there, we come out of there thankful for the education we received, the experiences we gained, the friendships we made, and the money we saved.
Like the alumni that moved mountains before us, we will move our own mountains. We will carve paths to success, not just for ourselves, but for those around us. We may not have an Ivy League diploma, but we know how to fight for our education. One class at a time, one waiting list at a time, one fee increase protest at a time!
San Francisco State University graduates of 2009 welcome to life beyond your BA. May God let you dream dreams and create positive change where ever you may go. Never forget your experiences, never downplay your accomplishments, and never forget those who carved that path for you (regardless of who they are). In those memories, may you help others find their place of success.

Congratulations San Francisco State University, Class of 2009!

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