Tuesday, March 6, 2007

reflections during Youth Councils

Even when it isn't cool
let me fall on my knees and worship your name
Even when it isn't cool
let me lift my hands
let me dance at your throne
Lord, even when it isn't cool.
Guard me from my pride
let me fall to my face in reckless abandonment
to give you my praise
to rest in your peace

How do I show them that you are in their darkness? God you are there in their pain, in their hurt you hold them close. "My child I am overwhelmed with grief when I see your tears, - your anger in frustration. My child I am here, I am here."
How do I show the endlessness of your love? I am only you child, just as they are. But God, I have felt your comfort, your loving embrace. Please show them what you have revealed to me in my darkness.

Your self control leaves me in awe. I realise now, how you feel when I sit and ignore your presence. I do not know what is going through their head. I do not know what is on their hearts. Lord please let it be on you. Let them find you in the voices that lift up your praise.

Who are you God?
Who are you to me?
A strong tower
A faithful father
not the broken reflection that this world provided me!
How many times have I asked for peace
for joy, for direction
for grace?
Unlike this world, you have been faithful to answer my call
And even in my pain
you stand with me
While my faith my falter
my desperation rarely fades
so I cling to the promises that other have spoken
you will carry me when I am broken
when this world trips me up
You will be my light
my rock
my path
my strength
in you alone I trust
in you alone I trust

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