Monday, March 26, 2007

In my Lane

I feel that this post needs to have a disclaimer. It was an assignment of sorts. I was told to write a reflection on a book called "Love my Rifle More Than You" so I did and this is what came of it. Again, it's not my normal writing and it has some harsh language in it, but I felt it was important to share.

In My Lane

Stay in your lane, I am told!
Neither left nor right
But I will choose what lane I drive
I will drive in your lane
With guns and gas masks
Fatigues and humvees
I will wear what you wear
I will drive what you drive
Armed with intelligence confidence and the same gun you carry
I will navigate my way up your mountain without you
I will earn the respect I demand from you

“Sir, yes Sir”

No! “Ma’am, yes Ma’am”

I have lived my life inside my lane
Unassertive, indecisive, expecting you to lead
Unsure because you told me to be
But your lane does not pull to the side or yield for faster traffic

Damn it! I’m coming over
I won’t be the slut that lets you pass
I will be the bitch that hits the gas
The bitch that won’t sleep with you
The bitch that won’t stand at ease
The bitch that won’t show you her tits
This bitch won’t back down
I will change the oil of my truck
Count my equipment
Maintain positive control of my sensitive items
1) Self confidence
2) Weapon
3) Personal identity
4) NVG’s
5) Sanity and perseverance
All items present and accounted for

This woman, the one you consider a bitch
Is more confident than you are
More aware than you are
Is more sane than you are
And Drives better than you do!
Should I question your masculinity?
Am I more man than you could be?

I will be your subordinate
I will be your comrade
I will be your superior
I will be a bitch, but not yours
And there is no way in hell I will show you my tits

I won’t ask you to move over when I come in your lane
Because I’m tired of yielding
Because I’m tired of pulling over and being pushed over
So this bitch is moving over
Into my new lane
This lane I’ll stay in

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