Thursday, April 12, 2007


I walked the city of oxford
In beat with Ani DiFranco
Letting the words wash over me like the breeze that seemed to never end
The cotton like pollen of the trees tickled my nose
Lost in my thoughts of how strange it was
My past colliding with my present
Contemplating the would haves
The could haves
The life that wasn’t mine
And the life that was
For some reason Ani understood my plight
So I walked to the beat of her guitar
People walked past me unaware of my thoughts
I passed painters capturing the beauty of willows dipping into the Thames
I smiled at childhood memories as the ducks talked to each other
Seeing my sister and I in a reflection throwing stale bread into the water
Bridges felt smaller than they used to be
Throwing pooh sticks and to the other side
One stride to cross the width
Leaning against the cold metal
My eye on the pooh stick as it floated freely down the river
Ani still played speaking of beauty and last night’s mistakes
I walked on
Lost in the time in between
The space that was neither yesterday nor today and certainly not tomorrow
Each step
Each beat
Each sight and smell
Oxford faded from past to present
As I walked between the memories and the beat of Ani Difranco

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