Monday, September 11, 2006

Not so poetic thoughts on distraction

I am easily distracted. Just incase I haven't mentioned that before. I'm the type of person that can be distracted by a shiney object that hits the light in the right way (sometimes the wrong way too).
Yet, I am not easily distracted when I am focused on a distraction. Go figure! This has caused issues in the past, and currently in the present.

If I could draw an illustration it would be of me walking along a path following God's will and suddenly a butterfly flutters by. Without a thought, or maybe one, I follow the butterfly. Meanwhile God's calling,"Leya, come back." As my surroundings get darker and darker my focus remains on the butterfly. I don't even notice that the path is rockier - I keep on going. There are times that the butterfly might even show me something amazing or try to redirect my path back to God. These are times where God has decided that He is going to use my distraction to get me back to where I should be. Of course I look up for a moment, but I think I say, "just a sec" to God. Because, you know, I'm smart like that. Suddenly the butterfly is snapped up by an equally beautiful bird. I can't be angry at the bird, but I'm sad that the butterfly is gone. Then I look up and see where I am - completely off the path. Then I'm upset at myself, because I know that I've disappointed God and that I've probably missed an amazing opportunity. I have to find my way back, or rather ask God to help me back, and say sorry.

I'm sorry for getting so easily distracted! Help me follow you more closely and keep my blinders on. Let me focus on only you. Please forgive me and help me forgive myself. Lord let me stand in awe of you instead of the distractions in my life, big and small.

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