Wednesday, September 6, 2006

A past note from my alter ego

Why can faith in perfection be so flawed? My high expectations set for "Godly purpose" mentally raped of any value. Distored by the image of man fallen. My will versus His, when the winner is named I will be nursing my pride. Can't fall back on ignorance. High stress anxious worry. Be Still And Know That I Am God! Abba Father sill causes me to question His unconditional love for me.

The words are at the bridge of my nose causing pressure behind my eyes. What do you want me to say? Where do you want me to Go?
Be Prepared to go or stay

Woah, ok honestly, that scares me that I wrote that. Usually I date things, but this didn't have a date in it, it was just on a piece of notebook paper. I am a very different person from the person who wrote that. It's kind of hard to look back on who I was in that period of my life. I am so thankful that I'm no longer held so tightly in bondage to my anxiety and fear.

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