Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm swimming inside of my head

I haven't really had a chance to verbally process all the thoughts that are going through my head, so it might be unwise to simply flush them out in the form of a blog at this present time. So I'm going to attempt to breifly throw a few things on to paper (so to speak), with the hope that I can write more on them later.

So far I blame Google Reader, Brian McLaren, my friend Matt, and my break up with the church for the onslaught of theological ramblings that have taken room in my, already cluttered, mind.

Thoughts on why we are so obsessed with labeling and naming everything, and how that effects us today. (isms and scisms)

  • Language development
  • Adam labels the animals
  • Biblical times religious legalism meets Jesus
  • Modern religious practices and mentalities forget Jesus

Finding the balance between structure and unstructuredness (did you know there's no antonym for structure???). My desire for structure meets my desire for more freedom. Why I can't stay in a box but keep looking for one to live in.

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