Friday, May 2, 2008

Yesterday I prayed and the list of decisions

Back in October, the 29th to be precise I posted in my xanga "Yesterday I prayed.... and now I'm confused."

I can't remember exactly what I prayed about but it must have got me thinking because all of a sudden I decided that I wanted to go to Michigan in December and visit camp (I'm sure it's in one of my journals). This must have been my rash decision I made near the end of the year which prompted me to not make any decisions until December 5th (the day I got back from my weekend trip to MI. In my absence, my coworkers drafted a list of decisions that I should make once I came back. The day I returned they handed me this list in all it's glory. Well somehow it resurfaced yesterday and I thought I should post it. In hindsight some of the list is a bit amusing (at least to me, but maybe not to anyone else since most of it has to do with what's going on in my own little world).

Leya's life-altering list... [decisions to make]

1. Become an Officer [Salvation Army pastor]
2. Journey to the holy lands
3. Adopt a family [a Christmas program with The Salvation Army]
4. Become a big sister
5. Volunteer every night at a different corps [Salvation Army church] to assist with kettles
6. Get married and settle down
7. Join a cult (see No. 1)
8. Become a vegan [was for a short time]
9. Become a youth pastor at lighthouse [my now, old church]
10. Embrace a life of vagrancy and travel the world, helping those in need [honestly, I'd love to do that]
11. Dedicate your life to curing cancer
12. Become a pop star
13. Avenge the death of someone
14.Move to Texas and become an oil Baron[ness]
15. Spend 5 minutes every day making a down syndrome child smile

So there you have it the list that my friend from work came up with while I was off trying to figure out how to get Michigan out of my mind. Yeah, I guess that didn't work.

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