Saturday, September 20, 2008

You chose to be Christian?

Not too many hours ago I was sitting in my kitchen of my job that I'm about to leave (which I chose not to), playing cards with a co-worker. The topic of High School extra curricular activities came up. After rambling off everything that didn't have to do with church (mostly because I'm afraid to be overbearing in my faith) I finally mumbled, "and then after I became a Christian I got pretty involved in church stuff."
To my surprise, it surprised him. He was surprised that I chose to be a Christian. It wasn't something that was forced upon me, nor was it something that I grew up in (however that's up for debate, as I went to school in England when I was a younger child). Christianity, for me, never really had any obligations or family ties like he felt his Jewish faith did.
I suppose what really surprised me about his reaction, was that in my circle of Christian friends, it's almost 50/50 for those of us who grew up in Christian home and went to church regularly, and those who somehow managed to end up in the foyer of a church, scratching their head thinking, "Ummm how did I get here?" I fall into the latter.

(Maybe I'll finish this thought later).

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I hope you do.